3/6/2023: today i finally got my favicon working! it had been giving me trouble, so i'm really happy :)

3/8/2023: i tried making html tables today! i had read some tutorials, but hadn't tried anything myself yet. i'm proud of how well it went!

3/11/2023: today i added a directory! the links don't lead anywhere now because i haven't made any more pages, but eventually they will!!

3/12/2023: added placeholder pages for all the pages in my directory! all are unfinished, but they lead somewhere now!

3/14/2023: tried adding an iframe container! it went well!!! not sure what i'll end up using em for but for now there's one on my homepage with some catsum ipsum in it as placeholder.

3//2023: i'm trying out using this for update notices!

3/19/2023: updated my about page! still a WIP, but it's more descriptive now.

3/23/2023: this site should be a little more mobile compatible now! it felt like an important thing to add. the font is different on my phone, and some parts of the site are oriented a little differently, but it definitely looks better formatted than before.

3/28/2023: added containers to each page and changed some colors around. i think things look much nicer now :). containers were tricky to figure out, but i'm proud i kept at it!

3/28/2023: pleased to announce the cursor on this site is now garfield

4/5/2023: added a webneko back!! she lives in the iframe now. also, updates have been slow recently!! that's because i've been busy. hopefully in a few more weeks i'll have more time to work on this page!!!

4/6/2023: big update!! i made a guestbook!!! right now, it just has one of the site's default layouts, but i'll work on personalizing it more later lol.. in the meantime i didn't want it looking too barebones. feel free to sign, but pls be nice!! otherwise i'll just ignore the message!!!

4/10/2023: added some decorations to the site! some dividers on the homepage and some blinkies/buttons/stamps :3

4/12/2023: i added an fc2 counter to the site! i also decided to make the dates in the update log a little more specific since i do intend to use this site for longer than a year lol

4/14/2023: there's some art in my gallery page now!!! the formatting is still pretty rough, so it's still very much a wip, but it's not just a placeholder anymore :3

4/14/2023: the containers on this site have scrollbars now!! the way the background was getting resized was bothering me lol

4/15/2023: added a playlist!!!

4/15/2023: noticed the playlist was messing with site navigation, so i removed it for now! maybe someday it will return...

4/16/2023: added the playlist back lmaoooo... if the issues i'm having get too annoying i'll take it back off or try another type of player but in the meantime... mads likes music ':3

4/16/2023: added a music page!! click to see a (currently incomplete) list of my cds!!

4/17/2023: FINALLY found a gd way to get a cd list on the music page that doesn't destroy the entire page's formatting lol... thank god... might try another way sometime in the future but for now me and iframes are best friends forever and ever and ever

4/17/2023: finished my cd list on my music page!! all my cds are in there, alphebetized by musician/band name and sorted within that by release date and albums to singles

4/18/2023: trying a different music player since scm and wikplayer are Hard to implement (i will probably come back to them though lol). the playlist on it is short, but i'll be adding more to it later this week!

4/19/2023: added a wider margin to some of the paragraphs on this site... a minor change, but i think it makes things look much nicer :)

4/20/2023: started filling out interests on my about me page!! i also added a placeholder song of the month (in link form rn lol)

4/23/2023: fleshed out my interest list and added some more categorization. i also added some more art to my gallery!

4/24/2023: added a link to my neocities profile on my homepage!

5/1/2023: been working on a new homepage that uses a stylesheet!! it's going well! i also changed the song of the month. it's no longer a rickroll i prommy

5/1/2023: successfully (i think) started using a stylesheet for the homepage!! *confetti popper noise* all the cosmetic changes are pretty small. soon, all the pages on my site will be moved over too! excited to be able to edit things easier... i also added a few new goals to my to do list!

5/28/2023: i have been extremely bad at updating this!!! sorry!!!!!!! updates wise, this weekend my favorite local record store had a sale, so i got a bunch of new cds! they're all logged on my music page :3

6/11/2023: all oc pages have been updated with unique looks and a different layout from the rest of the site!! there's also new art in the gallery :>