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Welcome To My Webpage (★ ω ★)

hi! my name is mads! this page is an eternal WIP, and the first project i've ever made in html! it started in february of 2023 :). my end goal for this site is just to have a fun little corner of the internet to hang out in! if you want to chat, you can leave a message in the guestbook. i'm also active on my tumblr (linked below). the code for the music box on my page can be found here!!!

if you want to sign my guestbook (thank you :3) click the cat below! to see the old guestbook, click here

NOTE: this site is not currently accessible! eventually, i'd like to add some options to rectify that, but for the time being, i'm working on getting comfortable with html by making things just for me. stay tuned i guess!!

ANOTHER NOTE: this site is also not optimized for mobile (despite my best efforts lol). hopefully i'll be able to fix that sometime soon, but in the meantime, this site is best viewed on desktop! i'm also not sure how much my site differs between browsers, but i do almost all of my work on firefox, and occassionally check up on things on chrome too.

my oc nicole! she is a tan, fat woman with dark blonde, curly hair and brown eyes. in this image, she's wearing her hair up in a bun, and is wearing a pink t-shirt with a pink flower on it. she has no other visible clothes. she's sitting on her knees with a neutral expression. behind her is a large window.
music box
Sugar Daddy
I Wear Your Ring
Cocteau Twins
There Is No-One Who Can Tell You Where You've Been
Butcher Boy
Bel Canto
Sprout & the Bean
Joanna Newsom
White Town
Before Today
Everything But The Girl
Birthday (Icelandic)
The Sugarcubes
Iggy & Angus
Luscious Jackson
White Town
Leave Me Alone
Dusty Trails
All Over Now
Aimee Mann