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Diary :>

what it says on the tin ^. read my entries below!!

test entry/intro

hello!!! this is your webmads here :3. you're on my blog page!!! i'm still unsure of how private i'd like to be here... i guess i'll figure that out as i go! i think this page will generally be pretty lighthearted, but i'll try to write warnings at the start of entries if that changes. like the rest of my site, my goal here is just to have fun!!! expect lots of talk about comics and books i read! stay tuned for an actual first entry~!


hello everyone!! time for first blog entry FOR REALSIES this time!!!! i kept waiting around for something interesting enough to write about to happen... but unfortunately (fortunately...?) my life is not that exciting ':]. I do have one fun thing to write about though: tomorrow i'm going to a craft fair and lunch with a friend! i'm very excited!!!! i'll try and write about it tomorrow afternoon or evening :3. i also got to see some live music earlier today, which was super nice... the last real concert i went to was back in may, which feels longer ago than it actually is. in perhaps less exciting news, i've really been enjoying the new fionna and cake cartoon! i had high hopes for it, and actually rewatched most of adventure time proper in the weeks leading up to it (still such a good show!!!), so i'm glad it's lived up to my expectations so far. i'm excited to see how it wraps up this thursday! one of my good friends has been watching it too, so i've gotten to have a lot of fun discussions :). shortbox comics fair, another thing i'm very excited for (award winning segue lol...) is also almost here! october is my birthday month, so i get to justify splurging on the comics as a birthday treat, which rules. in other october comics news, the next love and rockets issue actually comes out ON my birthday, which is a coincidence that makes me very happy :-). this entry just kind of turned into a list of things i'm excited for, which doesn't bug me too much... i feel like there's a lot to be excited for! i think i'll leave off there for now... i'll do my best to write again soon!