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my cds... all but like... three of these are secondhand lol. cds are my favorite physical music format, and i've actively collected them for about five years now! i go to the secondhand record store about once a month, since almost all the cds are pretty well under $10 (not to mention my beloved... the one dollar section). music is one of my favorite things!! i hope you enjoy checking out my collection, and maybe even find some new music to check out :-). if you want to listen to one of the albums/songs online, clicking the music note gif next to the names will lead you to a corresponding youtube playlist or video! all links will also open in a new tab :3

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relistening to details by frou frou. such a good album... frou frou was my JAM back in middle school. they also manage to be good enough for associated middle school memories to not taint my enjoyment of their music lol...


i've been listening to the pharcyde all afternoon... their music is perfect for a rainy day!

4/25/2024 11:42

today i've been listening to songs from temperamental by everything but the girl! such a good album. some people have been hard on it b/c they think the instrumentals overpower tracy thorn's voice, but i really disagree... i love how much power both elements have.

4/24/2024 9:19 PM

i've been listening to a lot of metric recently. live it out and fantasies were two of my favorite albums when i was in middle school... i still think they're both pretty great :-). it kinda surprises me i don't have any metric CDs, but my favorite record store can be really weird re:selection. it's always a toss up what they do and don't carry.

4/24/2024 12:59 AM

i wish the opening and ending themes from cybersix had longer official versions... i always thought coral egan's vocals on them were so beautiful!


a little place for me to talk about music i'm currently listening to/just general opinions... i thought it might be nice to have a distinct area for these thoughts :]