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About Me :-)

Hello!! I'm Mads! I have no preference about pronouns as long as people are being nice. This site is my first serious HTML project. I already knew a tiny bit on account of being a Child Of Tumblr, but I started really learning in mid-February 2023. I want to use my Neocities to document my new skills, and to have a fun place on the internet I feel really represents me! I have a lot of hobbies, but my main ones are drawing and cooking! I already have a placeholder page for a future art gallery, and use my art as the background image for the site, but I'm also thinking of adding a page for recipes, where I could post my own and link to other people's. Relatedly, I've been vegetarian for coming up on 15 years! Nowadays, I eat almost entirely plant based. I also really love music- this page will almost definitely have at least a playlist some day. I'm only fluent in English, but also speak some Japanese.

all of these are major WIPs ':3

if you see a next to a title, it's a HOUSE FAV! while i love everything on this list, titles with these pixels are extra special to me

if you see a next to a title, it's intended for mature readers.




-COMICS (web and physical)-


see my music page :)