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About Me :-)

it's me!

hello! my name is mads! this site is the first project i've done with html, and is basically the accumulation of all of my coding knowledge. it's like a little plant i am nurturing and sometimes forget to water for a few months. whoospies o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ. i wouldn't regard myself as an old web revivalist or anything similar, but i do really value personalization in online spaces! i don't use much social media, and often feel disappointed at how sanitized many platforms are or have become, even on a purely aesthetic level... i'm also just really not fond of how most of their algorithims function. i really enjoy getting to build a space that feels like "me", or at least is something i like to look at! i have a lot of hobbies, but my main ones are drawing and cooking. i have an art gallery, and some profiles for my OCs i'm working on. i'm also going to implement a recipes page later this month, where i can write my own and my family's recipes and link to ones by other people! relatedly, i've been a vegetarian for about 15 years, and eat mostly plant based nowadays. i'm also studying to be a museum curator- i love art history! i'd love to incorperate that into my site, but i'm not quite sure how...! i also love music, and collect CDs- you can find a full log of my collection on the music page :-). i'm only fluent in english, but also speak some japanese (rustily at this point, though... ':]). i've been pretty shy in the past, but i'm trying to break out of my shell more, so feel free to reach out!

these lists are in an eternal state of development!

if you see a next to a title, it's a HOUSE FAV! while i love everything on this list, titles with these pixels are extra special to me

if you see a next to a title, it's intended for mature audiences.




-COMICS (web and physical)-


see my music page :)